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Vinnitsa National Medical University

about University National Pirogov Medical University – is a medical educational establishment located in Vinitsya, Central Ukraine. Established in 1921. The university has six faculties among which are dental and pharmaceutical with more than twelve thousand students and more than one thousand seven hundred staff members including teachers in total. Pirogov university implements a profound concept of development, according to which its infrastructure, organization of educational process, personnel potential, level of training of specialists, scientific and medical-diagnostic work, material base and international relations correspond to the branch standards of higher education and requirements of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and European standards The campus area includes two academic buildings, sport-complex, scientific-research center and a library. (nowadays a new library is being built with a storage of five hundred thousand tutorials in different languages) University staff collaborat es with medical institutions, pharmacies of thirteen foreign countries under nine international and thirteen state programs The University continues to collaborate on agreements with overseas medical institutions to provide the exchange programs of students and lecturers, internships at hospitals, joint research work etc.

We are grateful to you for your interest in our University. If you seek to have fundamental knowledge, to work with interesting people, to find in your teachers not only qualified workers keen on their work, but also true friends and interlocutors, who knows how to understand and to listen to the students as to equal, Vinnitsa National Medical University will meet your wishes.

Vinnitsa National Medical Universityoffers you to receive profound higher education at the level of the world standards. The highly qualified staff of the University will ensure your mastering of a chosen speciality at the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Psychology and Pharmacy, preparatory department for foreign citizens, and also post-graduate studies (in 53 specialities).

The teaching staff includes 90 Doctors of science, Professors, 340 candidates of science. The tuition programmes are adapted to modern conditions, taking into account the world experience. At the University, continuous up-to-date european system of medical education including pre-america.html, undergraduate and post-graduate education is carried out. The program of training is subordinated to the main purpose: achieving the level of professionals that gives the right to receive the Physician Degree and the title of “Doctor of Medicine”. At the university 5500 students are trained. In total about 40000 doctors, including more than 6000 foreign citizens have been trained.

The long-term experience of training the students from all regions of the world has allowed to create a unique combination of the academic programs and auxiliary services. At your disposal there are 47 the best medical establishments of Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitskiy regions, well equipped educational and scientific complexes, student's campus with comfortable hostels, canteens, health services, sports complex. At their disposal the students have sanitary -sports bases on the shores of the Black Sea and the Southern Bug river. The cultural leisure of the students is varied: there are many amateur circles and studios (dancing, national instruments one, folklore ensemble, folk choir "Nadbuzhanka").