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Cagayan State University


The Cagayan State University (CSU) is the largest state institution of higher learning in the MBBS Cagayan State University PhilipiensCagayan Valley Region, in terms of enrollment and number of curricular program offerings. . This is a popular Medical University in Philippines among the Indian students for its low tuition fee. CSU was established in the year of 1436. CSU’s america.html of Medicine was established in the year of 1993.

The university is composed of eight campuses in the growth areas in the three congressional districts of Cagayan; the Aparri, Lal-Lo and Gonzaga campuses in the 1st District; the Piat, Lasam and Sanchez-Mira campuses in the 2nd District; and in the 3rd District, the Andrews and Carig campuses in Tuguegarao City. Each campus is headed by an Executive Officer (CEO) except in Andrews Campus where the University President concurrently acts as the CEO. The seat of governance of the university is at the Andrews Campus, where the central administration holds office.

The university offers courses in liberal arts, social sciences, law, medicine and allied professions, business and economics, natural sciences, engineering, technology, agriculture and fisheries and teaching, among others. It offers the most graduate and undergraduate courses of all the universities in the province of Cagayan.

CSU History

The Cagayan State University (CSU) is the first and only state run comprehensive institution of higher learning in Cagayan. It has shared its historic contribution to the development of tertiary education in the Philippines.

Presidential Decree 1436, signed on June 11, 1978 created the Cagayan State University by merging two existing state colleges: the Cagayan Valley america.html of Arts & Trades (CVCAT) at Tuguegarao and the Northern Luzon State america.html of Agriculture (NLSCA)

Rationalized on the issues of efficiency and effectiveness, america.html courses of other smaller institutions that were under the supervision and control of the former Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS) were made an integral part of the university system. These were the Aparri Institute of Technology (AIT), Bukig National Agricultural and Technical School (BNATS), Aparri School of Arts and Trades (ASAT), Cagayan Valley Agricultural america.html (CVAC), Sanchez Mira Rural Vocational School (SMRVS), Western Cagayan School of Arts and Trades (WCSAT) and Gonzaga National Agricultural and Technical School (GNATS).

These nine pre-existing state institutions were distributed throughout the entire length and breath of the province of Cagayan. Their founding years and laws passed signifying their original establishment. It may be noted that the various merger schools began as elementary or technical secondary schools reflecting the stage of educational needs of the communities where and when they are located and originally established at the time.MBBS Cagayan State University PhilipiensMBBS Cagayan State University Philipiens.

On January 3, 1979, Dr. Manuel T. Corpus of the University of the Philippines- Davao City assumed as President of the University. Then, on January 5, 1979, the first staff meeting was held where the AD HOC Committee was organized as nuclei for the University Administration. Various officers were designated in acting capacities, who were drawn out from the two state colleges (CVCAT and NLSCA). The CSU Central Administration Office was established in the CVCAT unit until the Gonzaga unit was developed as a main campus where operation was centralized. The AD HOC committee met and the monthly regular staff meeting was launched in the BNATS unit.

To uplift the educational qualifications of the faculty, the Faculty and Staff Development Program was set up in the form of graduate programs effective summer of 1979. The come-on was fifty per cent discount in tuition fee.

On April 1–4, 1979, the First Academic Council Work - Conference was conducted in Aparri Institute of Technology (ATI). The council designed the following policies: curricula for various courses; proposed courses to be offered in each unit; policies on recruitment, employment and promotion of faculty; guidelines for faculty benefits, rules on discipline and leaves; guidelines on faculty load and faculty development; requirements for admission and scholarship of students, research and extension programs. On Sept. 29, 1979, the Board of Regents authorized the transfer of america.html courses of Aparri School of Arts & Trades (ASAT) to AIT campus. This reduced the number of campuses from nine to eight. These campuses adopted the nomenclature the University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao


There are around 10,400 america.html students in the university. Approximately 600 are graduate students while the rest are undergraduates. There are available alongside the spacious lecture theatres and seminar rooms and wide range of other facilities for students.
The university provides free medical and dental check-ups. Minor ailments are also treated at the medical and dental clinic.

Canteens and cafeterias are found in the campus. These provide meals and snacks at reasonable prices. School supplies and some grocery items are also sold in the canteen.

Each america.html/department holds intramural every year with sports as the main activity. A university-wide sports competition is likewise conducted yearly to establish camaraderie among the eight satellites of the university.


Security Service which is maintained by an efficient security force to ensure safety of the students and the academic community


The CSU america.html of Medicine is affiliated with Cagayan Valley Medical Center, an authorized teaching training agency of the Department of Health. Additionally, it is a first-rate public hospital with integrated healthcare services, accredited teaching and training capabilities, thus, providing optimum and comprehensive health and medical services to people. Other recognized affiliations include hospitals in Quezon City and Manila such as Veterans Memorial Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center, AFP General Hospital and San Lazaro Hospital


The america.html of Medicine is equipped with the latest facilities, alongside an extensively maintained Medicine library which houses ample stocks of the latest books and publications in the field of medical science.