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Tbilisi Medical Academy, Georgia


Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (TMA) is one of the first private medical schools in Georgia, Europe with almost 25 years of experience behind its back. TMA is staffed with highly qualified academic staff and is providing medical education in accordance with international regulations and recommendations.
Study Process at Tbilisi Medical Academy is compatible with international standards. The academic faculty is represented by team of experienced professors, who have been trained in USA and Western European Countries. The Academic Process, based on ECTS system, allows students to gain international academic recognition.
Tbilisi Medical Academy offers 6 year MD program both in Georgian and English. So far, TMA has around 500 undergraduate students, including around 170 international students, mainly from USA, UK, India, Iraq, Nigeria, Bhutan, Egypt etc.
TMA is proud to be home university for many notable physicians and scientists, who are running successful careers both in Georgia and internationally.
Mission of Tbilisi Medical Academy is to raise competitive professionals, in accordance with the requirements of modern medical profession and demands of today’s medical job market.
The Goal of Tbilisi Medical Academy is to elaborate independent and critical thinking to the students that will support highly qualified specialists in the future.
At TMA we have truly international environment, where we cherish and share the values of equality, honesty and integrity.
At present, Tbilisi Medical Academy is managed by Mrs. Irene Shotadze.

The main Objectives of Tbilisi Medical Academy:

1. Preparation of certified doctors and dentists in training through providing practice-oriented higher education with certified doctors and dentists in training; Introduction of Students with the Principle of Continuous Education;
2. Cooperation with other educational and research institutions as well as with professional associations; in order to promote and encourage international mobility of Students and Academic Staff;
Organizing and conducting scientific research; Integrating closely Learning Process with Scientific Activities; Development of International research activities in TMA;
3. Development of long-term partnerships with Strategic Partners, Affiliated Clinical and Scientific Institutions and provision of continuing cooperation;
4. Optimization of TMA structure;
5. Modernization of material-technical base in accordance to international standards and requirements;
6. Ensuring transparence and publicity of management and competition;
7. Elaborating and integrating Education Quality Management System in accordance to international standards and requirements

Fact about TMA:

1. TMA has more than 1600 graduates, most of which run successful careers in clinics and pharmaceutical companies both in Georgia, Europe and Internationally.
2. More than 50 scholars have successfully completed their PhD studies and obtained Doctoral Degree.
3. Since 2004, TMA is member of IMED-FAIMER World Directory of Medical Schools.
4. From 2010 TMA is running Postgraduate Development Programs (Residency) for Georgian students in following specializations: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dermatovenerology, Medical Radiology, Sports Medicine, Rehabitology and Balneology. Studies are conducted in Georgian language.
5. TMA has centers for teaching clinical skills and student’s scientific development. On the regular basis, TMA is running Students Scientific Conferences and Debates with participation of students from TMA and other Georgian Universities.
6. TMA has organized three international conferences: 1. Medical Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Riding, 2. Diagnostics, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Related Motoric, Behavioral and Social Disorders; 3. Foundations of Nutrition and Food Safety.
7. TMA has bilateral agreements with leading Universities of Turkey, University of Lund (Sweden), University of Oldenburg (Germany), University of Vilnius and University of Klaipeda (Lithuania) and others.
8.TMA is aiming on further development of international collaborations and promotes internationalization.