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Lviv National Medical University

Lviv National Medical University (LNMU) is one of the largest and oldest medical institution on the territory of modern Ukraine which prepares students under medical, dental, pharmaceutical and hygienic specialties. Established in 1784 Nowadays, there are functioning five faculties along with the Center for International Education supervising foreign students studying at LNMU. Overall, these six faculties have seventy-eight departments. In its campus the university has fourteen academic buildings, dental clinic, botanic garden, nine student hostels, four museums and a sports-complex. LNMU is considered as the third best medical institution in Ukraine. The university realizes a cooperation activity with a range of foreign medical institutions from Poland, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Germany and is a member of an Association of regional collaboration on health, science and technology issues ( RECOOP HST Association) LNMU possess a large library with more than six hundred fifty thousand tutorials. Th e university is one of the leaders by the quantity of foreign nationals which proves its high reputation. At present days there are 1139 foreign students among whom eighty percents are studying in English language. Overall number of students is more than twenty thousand. The professors of the university are prominent specialists who are constantly participating in various international conferences and scientific meetings.

Lviv National Medical University named Danylo Galician – one of the leading medical universities in the fourth level.

University workers are members of 70 international associations, scientific societies.

In terms of activity Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician holds key positions in the rankings among higher education institutions and higher educational institutions of Ukraine (including the University ranked second among all higher educational institutions in the ranking of Education of Ukraine – 2013, and, according to the international database Scopus – second among all medical institutions of Ukraine). The University has received a number of awards and honors at state educational exhibitions, particularly its recognized leader HIGHER EDUCATION UKRAINE 5th International exhibition “Modern educational establishments in 2014”. The University also received awards such as the Diploma for presentation of advances in innovative modernization of national education and certificates of quality publications under high rating indicator scientometric database SciVerse Scopus.

Today Lviv National Medical University named Danylo Galician brings together 6 Faculties, america.html of Medicine, 75 departments (including 19 for supporting higher educational institutions of Ukraine), 14 buildings, Medical Dental Center, educational and industrial pharmacy Botanical Garden , CSRL laboratory and industrial toxicology research center for testing anticancer drugs, research library, dormitories 9, a set of student nutrition, sports camp “Medic”.

Annual contingent University is about 17,000 people, including 5632 students, including about 1,000 foreign students from 49 countries, 25 students of the preparatory department, more than 1,660 interns, 41 undergraduate, 64 graduate students, 64 clinical residents, about 10,000 students FPDO , 312 students of medical america.html. Students enrolled in all faculties credit system.

Scientific and pedagogical provide scientists in 1227: 143 doctors and over 640 candidates, including 114 professors, 350 associate professors. Among the faculty of the Lviv National Medical – 5 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 18 academicians and corresponding members of other academies, 8 State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 7 distinguished educators, 1 Honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine, 12 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 20 distinguished doctors of Ukraine.

During the period 1944-2012 gg. The University has trained more than 50,000 professionals, among them – more than 37,500 doctors, 11,000 pharmacists, 500 bachelors. Among university graduates – about 3 thousand foreign professionals for foreign countries.

Faculty of Postgraduate Education only years of independent Ukraine trained and retrained 150,000 physicians and pharmacists.

The University has 22 research and develop school.

There are 5 specialized academic councils on doctoral and master’s theses of 11 specialties.

From 1991 University scientists defended 700 theses (109 doctoral and 600 master’s).

During this period, published more than 2,000 books, textbooks and monographs and over 20 thousand. Articles.

University published 10 scientific journals, scientific articles 2, 2 newspapers.

Skilled professionals provide highly specialized medical care to the population of Lviv, Lviv region and inschyh regions of Ukraine. Only the amount of surgery to open heart surgery, carotid arteries, endoscopic, plastic jaw bone, surgery for congenital cleft upper lip and palate and others. is 35% of the amount spent in Ukraine. Introduced about 25 thousand new therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

The University has signed 14 long-term agreements with foreign universities. Departments and laboratories provadyatnaukovu cooperation with 74 foreign partner institutions from 12 countries.

Every year about 150 teachers and university students are trained in partner universities abroad, leading foreign experts conduct workshops in Lviv National Medical Danylo Galician.

Honorary doctorate from the University are within 33 scientists from leading universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, USA and other countries.