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Caucasus international University

Duration : 6 Years. MCI Status : Approved Location: 73 Chargali St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Everything started 20 years ago from the idea which seemed utopian at first glance! In 1995, against the background of harsh social and political conditions, several people’s idea became reality and a higher educational institution was founded in Georgia, which became one of the leading universities within the next ten years. The quality of academic staff was gradually improving, the number of faculties was increasing, and the infrastructure was developing. Consequently, these led to an increase in student number. In 2005-2007 the university was granted the status of accredited institution. In 2012 all university programmes successfully passed authorization and accreditation for the period of five years and it gained the status of higher education institution-university, i.e. the three-cycle higher education system has been implemented at the university (CIU) and the vacancies have been defined by 3500 students.
By the decision of the Authorization Council of National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement made on 14 July, 2015 Caucasus International University application has been approved and in accordance to the decision of the council the number of university students has been defined by 4700.
CIU offers Bachelor, One-step (in Georgian, English and Russian), Master and Doctoral programmes.

Despite the fact that there are a number of universities of international standard in our country, there was still a demand for creating a university of western standards; Caucasus International University set this goal; five faculties have been introduced. They are distinguished by high-qualified academic staff and scientific-research centres which meet modern, international standards. CIU offers the following faculties:

1. Faculty of Business;
2. Faculty of Law;
3. Faculty of Social Sciences;
4. Faculty of Medicine;
5. Faculties of Viticulture-Winemaking and Agricultural Technology.

A number of changes have taken place since the establishment of the university. Various scholarly novelty have been introduced, existing structures and departments have been developed. The University has constantly been striving to improve and refine the teaching process as well as its management.
For years, one of the priorities of the university has been the students’ employment programmes. During studying process emphasis is placed on developing students’ professional skills and obtaining profound knowledge in their field.
CIU constantly seeks collaboration with universities which will enable students and academic staff to familiarize with the commercial and cultural sides of partners’ business activities; in addition, successful students are given an opportunity to pursue their studies abroad at partner universities.
In 2012-2013 a new building was constructed which fully meets modern standards. Classes of European standard, a big library, cafeteria, sport halls and a garden create the best teaching environment.
In order to prepare qualified professionals, CIU constantly improves teaching methods and adapts programmes; new educational programmes and courses have been introduced, research and teaching laboratories have been established. The above mentioned served as the basis for the approval of CIU educational programmes and its engagement in European educational system. Modern technologies that are available at the university make it possible to organize video-conferences, introduce distance learning and contact different educational and scientific centres.
In order to improve teaching quality the university focuses on students’ feedback. They are actively involved in the assessment of the academic process.
Library equipped with electronic technologies and contemporary literature facilitates students’ professional development. The university has established contacts with international organizations in Georgia, state institutions and private companies. Within the frameworks of the programme “Invited Guest” students have an opportunity to meet representatives from political, business and non-governmental sectors. Students are given complete freedom to choose their learning and research spheres. They have created self-government. With the participation of the academic staff and students the university defines its teaching and research priorities.


Indian students having lower academic such as 55% in PCB and still wishing to go for high quality and lower cost MBBS in Russia programs choose this university.
The Indian students get admission to Caucasus International University since this is kept as the last chance.
We do Online Seminars (webinar) frequently to guide the students towards a right career path.

Mission of the University.

The Caucasus International University emphasizes the perfect collaboration of professional staff and correct scheme. With the Caucasus International University focusing on ancient educational traditions and European higher education and methods of scientific research, the mission of CIU is to implement the educational policy which matches the modern national and international standards. It aims to create the best, student-oriented learning & research environment and preparing qualified professionals.



University provide and ultra modern euro remount infrastructure for residence for Indian students which has all modern facilities of hostel like 24 hrs hot water supply, electricity,internet, wi-fi connectivity ,24 hrs open separate study rooms ,library, bathroom,2 kitchens on each floor on either sides equipped with all modern gadgets hostel is markedly cheap and surprisingly affordable.
One of the main feature of Caucasus International University is presence of spacious library with all latest edition of Indian books available such that Indian students do not have to carry books with them.


We have appointed cook at the hostel & student will be served Indian food during their stay in GEORGIA.

Language of Instruction In Georgia

Language of Instruction

The official Georgian language is a Kartvelian language spoken widely in Georgia and and other parts of the World. Universities in Georgia offer English Medium Courses, designed basically for international students.
There are preparatory courses as well, whereby student learns the Georgian Language before proceeding to their first year chosen Course.
The faculties of Georgian Medical Universities offer special attention towards the overseas students. There are wide options available for the students after they pass out from these universities. They can easily apply for any high positions in different healthcare set ups and medical industry, with their own specifications. It is an inevitable truth that there is a significant rise in the healthcare industry nowadays, therefore; people are opting for this service more. The prospective doctors, passing out from Georgian medical universities possess a fair chance of ending up with their dream jobs in high profile medical centres. The scope is high with proper backup from reliable faculties, associated with Georgian medical universities or educational institutions.

  • MCI Preparatory Courses
  • USMLE Preparatory Courses
  • German Language Learning Classes
  • High European Post Graduation Chances

Why Choose Georgia?

Education Is Affordable

Medical education is affordable in Georgia as compared to other countries. Georgia encourages foreign admissions and have maintained a world class quality of education. The catered Medical institutes have affiliation with several hospitals and clinics that assure diverse practical exposure.

A Secure Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is very safe for both men and women. Crime rate in Georgia is very low due to continuous police patrolling around the clock. Many expats from different countries are residing in Georgia. All the Georgian Cities are smart cities. Georgia offers a friendly and a secure neighbourhood.

Economical Cost of Living.

Cost of apartments, food and transportation are highly reasonable in Georgia. Students studying in universities enjoy special discounts on all the facilities like buses, metro etc. Several options of restaurants are available at reasonable rates. Medical facilities in Georgia are quite economical.

Globally Recognized

Medical institutes, in Georgia offer US and UK MD courses. Institutions in Georgia are recognized by several countries. All the institutes that we represent are approved by MCI -Medical council of India. Depending on your home country and future plans we shall guide you however, possible.